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About Us

Since 2012 trading Wine Dispenser. In 2020 EZ.Dispenser was born, private label, handmade and fully featured.

Team Spirit

Knowed for the cooperation and dedication to raising consumer experience through fully functional sales solutions.


The search for the production improvement, relationship, support and sales processes is what motivates us every day.

The Dispenser

Handmade in Brazil by passionate people.


Handmade Wine Dispenser, fully funcionter in stainless steel for 5 bottles.

Showcase Concept

Developed under the showcase concept, ensuring greater bottle visibility.


Better than have it by the bottle or by the glass, you can taste it before buy. Make hundreds of consumers happy!

Exclusive Functions

Self-service using RFID card, Dual Zone temperature, Smartprice, Happy Hour program and much more...

Compressor Cooling

High performance compressor with two temperature controller, perfect for all wine variety.

Best Cost-Benefit

Produced in Brazil with its own technology. Easy to use, economical, fully expandable and built to last!


Find happy users, real results! #ezdispenser4u


Buy direct from the factory for the best price, condition and support.